Atlantic Crossing

Ship In Full Sail
Traditional Music and Songs of Ireland 

Click on underlined songs below to hear a sample (MP3 player required.  E-mail us if you need help downloading one for free!)!

1.  Brennan on the Moor Song/Foxhunter Reel
2.  Man of the House/Dunmore/Lasses/Glass of Beer Jigs
3.  My Johnny was a Shoemaker Song/Blarney Pilgrim/Kesh/Ten Penny Bit Jigs
4.  Gypsy Rover Song (Leo McGuire)/Lady Anne Montgomery/Christmas Eve Reels
5.  St Brendan's Fair Isle Song (Jimmy Driftwood)/Jig in A
6.  Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore Song/Farewell to Ireland Reel
7.  Monahan's/Miller's Maggot/Boys of the Town Jigs
8.  Maid of Fife Song
9.  Red is the Rose Song/Tony Rowe's/Banish Misfortune/Father O'Flynn Jigs


Appalachian Crossing
Traditional Music and Songs of Early America on Banjo, Fiddle & Guitar

1.  June Apple
2.  Clinch Mountain Waltz
3.  Blue Jay
4.  Angeline the Baker/Susan's Gone
5.  Shady Grove/East Virginia
6.  Appalachian Clog Suite
7.  Clinch Mountain Backstep
8.  Poor Wayfarin' Stranger
9.  Farewell to Ireland/Home with the Girls in the Morning
10 .Chicken Reel/Cluck Old Hen
11. Still I Love Him
12. Boil Them Cabbage Down